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Molina Ríos is a renowned law firm established in Santiago, Chile. With wide experience rendering services in diverse matters in the legal field, its areas of specialization and achievements obtained have captured the interest of big companies and clients both in Chile and abroad.

The firm, integrated by attorneys of great academic and professional level and experience, has a national and international recognized prestige in areas such as Arbitrations, Trials and Mediations; Infrastructure and Construction, Concessions of Public Works, Insurance Law, Telecommunications, Energy, Natural Resources and Corporate Law.

Its clients’ portfolio incorporates an important component of foreign firms, in addition to domestic firms, who have preferred the integral service rendered by the professionals of Molina Rios Abogados; based on the construction of a relation which is personalized and of mutual reliance, founded on the principles of ethics and loyalty, values always necessary in order to foster, protect and guarantee its clients’ strategic interests and purposes.

Molina Ríos Abogados has been notable for developing a structure according to the times, implementing supports and state-of-the-art technologies that allow opportunely answering the information requirements and needs of its clients.


Molina Rios is a renowned lawyer firm established in Santiago de Chile. With rich experience in providing services in various areas of the legal field .

“One of the highlights of Molina Rios Abogados is its proximity to its customers, its extensive knowledge in their areas of specialty, and competent legal approach. His lawyers dealing with the affairs of their customers as if they were their own”.

Chambers & Partners, Latin America, 2016.


Arbitrations, Trials and Mediations

Arbitrations, Trials and Mediations

Infrastructure and Construction

Infrastructure and Construction

Insurance Law

Insurance Law

1.- Damages claim on air accident international arbitration
2.- Arbitration on the construction of the Argentina-Chile pipeline
3.- Damages claim caused due to the earthquake that affected the PPP highway Santiago-Los Vilos
4.- Arbitration on the construction of the pipeline Foundry Chuquicamata-Codelco
5.- Arbitration on the construction of the Public PPP Work, Airport Carriel Sur, Concepción.
6.- Arbitration on the implementation of diaphragm walls in the rail project MERVAL
7.- Arbitration on warranty insurance
8.- Arbitration on the termination of the Public PPP Contract called “Bato Dam”
9.- Arbitration on the construction of a mining pipeline
10.- Arbitration on the construction of the impulse line of Disputada Las Condes Mine´s dam.
11.- Arbitration on international credit insurance
12.- Arbitration on the adaptation and maintenance of railways of the State Rail Company
13.- Arbitration on all construction risk insurance, Construction of Caren Dam, Chile.
14.- Arbitration on exportation credit insurance
15.- Arbitration on the construction of the Public Work Called Justice Centre of Santiago
16.- Arbitration on the termination of the Operational Contract for the PPP work Justice Centre of Santiago
17.- Damages claim on the delegated administration in the insurance marketing
18.- Arbitration on the construction of the hydropower plant called La Higuera, San Fernando.
19.- Arbitration on international credit insurance
20.- Damages claim caused by the rail accident occurred during the maintenance work of the railway Santiago-Chillán.
21.- Damages claim caused by trading operations.
22.- Claim on fidelity and fraud insurance
23.- Arbitration on the construction of W Hotel, apartments, and offices
24.- Damages claim due to the accident occurred in the PPP highway Talca-Chillán
25.- Arbitration on insurance and construction of Hanga Roa Hotel, Eastern Island.
26.- International arbitration on the Resurfacing of the Roads Leading to Alma project.
27.- Arbitration on the construction of an international TV channel studios
28.- Arbitration on fire insurance
29.- Arbitration on the construction and implementation of the air conditioning project for the Justice Centre of Santiago
30. Arbitration of the Public Work Ruta 60 CH
31. Arbitration on fire insurance of an agar agar plant
32. Arbitration on the construction of the Public PPP Hospitals “La Florida” and “Maipú”
33. Arbitration on the off the plan purchase insurance contract
34. Arbitration on the construction of Line 3, Santiago Subway
35. Environmental claim related to the adaptation contract of the T-35 Highway, Los Lagos-Valdivia.

International Route 60 CH (1)
Route 68 Accesos a San Antonio (1)
Route D-705
Route 7 Coihaique
Route 0-50 Cabrero – Concepción
Route G-10 Cuesta La Dormida
Route 5 North Santiago – Los Vilos (1)
Route 60 GH Variante Camino de la Fruta (1)

Santiago Airport (1) (2))
Concepción Airport (1))

Hospital Militar
Hospital de Los Ángeles
Hospital de Temuco
Hospital de Coquimbo
Hospital de Maipú *(1)
Hospital de La Florida *(1)
Hospital Exequiel González Cortés
Hospital Gustavo Fricke
Hospital de Calama
Hospital de Ovalle
Hospital de Curicó
Hospital Marga-Marga

Santiago Justice Centre (1)
MOP Building, La Serena
Intermodal Station, La Cisterna (1)
MOT Plants in Santiago and Región de la Araucanía
Parking in Providencia (1)
Llaquelén Bridge, Concepción
Improvement Bridges and Public Roads Carretera Austral

Carén Dam
El Bato Dam (1)
Puclaro Dam
Chacrillas Dam

Gasandes Gas Pipeline Argentina – Chile section (2)
Gasandes Gas Pipeline Santiago – Rancagua section
Gas Pipeline Codelco Chuquicamata

Disputada de Las Condes
Compañía Minera Escondida

Codelco El Teniente
Zanjón de la Aguada
Drinking Water Conduction Con – Con

Hydroelectric Power Station La Higuera
Hydroelectric Power Station Lago Atravesado
Thermoelectric Power Station Renca II (2)

Mapocho Sewer for Aguas Andinas
Waste Water Sewer Concepción for ESSBIO
Las Condes Sewer
Waste Water Plant Santiago (La Farfana) (3)
Waste Water Plant La Florida
Waste Water Plant Rancagua

Habilitation and maintenance South Section of Chile for FFEE
Santiago Subway (various sections)
Valparaíso and Viña del Mar Subway (Merval)

Territoria Building and W Hotel
Rapa Nui Hotel, Easter Island

*(1) Public Works Concession, including Engineering, Construction and Operation. *(2) Professional intervention in engineering and environmental matters, not in construction. *(3) Only in works of Assembly of the Plant.

Molina Ríos has participated in arbitrations and litigation, both domestic and international, related to different risks, such as:

Civil liability risk
Warranty risk
Domestic and international credit risk
All construction risk
Fire risk
Earthquake risk
Molina Ríos has also participated in different negotiation and mediation processes within the insurance sphere, both in the domestic and international field.

The firm has intervened in the study and drafting of different models of insurance policies which today are used in the domestic market, and has also taken part in the analysis and discussion related to the reform of the Title VIII of the Chilean Code of Commerce in relation to general insurance, and terrestrial insurance.

Molina Ríos has advised for more than 15 years to the Spanish insurer group Mapfre, and other different worldwide reinsurers.

Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership





Molina Ríos Abogados has focused their professional practice in Public Private Partnership

(PPP), having advised, from the beginning of the PPP system in Chile, multiple domestic and international clients on different types of projects, acquiring a vast experience on this field.

Molina Ríos Abogados has participated in multiple PPP projects in matters such as road infrastructure, airports, hospitals, hydro and public buildings, among others, advising their clients throughout the entire process,
including prequalification, tendering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation of the work given in concession.

The practice in this area also includes construction and operation contracts, and the management of the relationship between contractors and their suppliers; financing; Ministries and authorities management, claims and dispute resolution both before the administrative and judicial authorities and courts.
Molina Ríos Abogados has a vast experience in telecommunication matters, advising their clients in legal aspects such as telephony services, VoIP, Internet, optic fiber, housing and data transmission, inter alia. Their clients are mostly international market leaders companies.
Molina Ríos Abogados has participated in the processing and granting of permits and concessions in telecommunication matters, and they advise their clients in the corporate field, representing them before the authorities, and negotiating complex contracts, both before public and private entities.
Molina Ríos Abogados, has acquired a vast experience in legal and technical matters related to the energy and natural resources field, due to the multiple projects in which they have participated advising their clients.
In this context Molina Ríos Abogados has advised domestic and international companies in matters such as: Due Dilligences aimed to the participation and finance of mining, power, and gas projects; environmental matters; processing of sector permits; law reports; drafting and negotiation of contracts within the energy and natural resources field; administrative procedures; and the defense before administrative and judicial authorities and courts.


Civil Law y Common Law
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